What are we doing?

We offer event organisers and caterers the service of renting reusable deposit cups and dishes. If the renting solution alone is not enough, we will provide support along the entire service chain - from manning the return tents and accepting the cups and dishes, to paying the deposit to the guests.

Why do we do it?

We will help you become a true friend to the environment and end the creation plastic waste. This is essential for the environment and easy for you, and you can start right now

Hygienic reusable dishes finally made disposable dishes obsolete. Forever!

Summer festival or office Christmas party? Open air concert or summer outing?

Regardless of the event, Panditops’ reusable drinkware and dishes are the only way to avoid having to use disposable dishes and littering. Luckily, it is very easy!

Our task is to deliver environmentally friendly deposit dishes to the merchants so they can use them for selling drinks and food. We collect the used dishes and wash them carefully so that these could be reused at the next event.

Your task is to always prefer reusable dishes when eating at an event. You will recognise the environmentally friendly dishes by the deposit cup logo. Once you have finished eating, just return the dishes to the seller and receive the deposit you left with the seller when you bought the meal. The process is the same as when returning the deposit package to the return point.

Deposit cup dishes are made in Europe. One deposit cup dish can be reused up to 100 times. 



We have carefully selected the most nature friendly and durable reusable dishes for you.

When choosing the reusable dishes, we adhere to three main principles:

1) the deposit dishes must be safe in every way and meet the standards that are valid in the European Union;

2) no child labour is used when making the dishes and the workers making them are paid a fair salary;

3) the ecological footprint of the deposit dishes must be as small as possible.

All deposit cup dishes are made in the EU and used materials are polycarbonate, polypropylene, tritan and bio plastic. Such dishes are suitable for use with any food and they can endure temperatures up to 100 degrees. Naturally, the deposit dishes are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Use boldly and repeatedly!



All deposit cup dishes are very durable and you an use them up to a hundred times. However, everything has its lifespan, and once we see a deposit dish that needs to retire, we collect these and send to recycling. This way, the dishes will get a new life and the valuable material will not litter nature.

Just like our deposit dishes are made in Europe, they are recycled in Europe after use. This allows us to keep transport costs low and the price of a deposit cup as affordable as possible.




The deposit cup system works based on the deposit principle, where a deposit fee is added to the dish issued to the consumer.

When returning the dish, the consumer will get the full deposit back. Eesti Pandipakend will wash the used deposit dishes and reuse them at the next event.


Buy your food or drink in a deposit dish
Refill the dish or exchange it for a new one
Return the dish and get the deposit back


Deposit dish movement
Deposit fee movement

Washing and hygiene

We are very aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Especially in current times.

Considering this, we have put great emphasis on cleaning the deposit dishes. All our reusable dishes are washed in a special tunnel dishwasher where washing and rinsing solutions suitable for industrial washing machines are used according to water type. Our machine washes all dishes using a 82-degree water and then drying them with a 94-degree airflow. We test the washed dishes using a luminometer to ensure cleanliness for ourselves and for you.

This is extremely important, *  because it is the only way to ensure that dangerous viruses and bacteria cannot harm you.

Once the deposit cups are thoroughly cleaned, we immediately place them in special boxes and seal them carefully, and then take them to the designated warehouse to wait for the next event.


*When washing the deposit dishes, we adhere to the virus prevention guides published on the Food and Veterinary Office’s website: A virus is killed by thorough heat processing because it is known that heat processing at 60 °C for at least 30 minutes is an efficient way to kill other viruses.  Coronavirus is killed on surfaces in 2 minutes at 90 degrees.