Eesti Pandipakend is a recycling organization that collects and recycles deposit-based beverage packaging across Estonia. We were established by beverage producers, importers, and traders on the basis of the Republic of Estonia Packaging Act and operate as a producer responsibility organization accredited by the Republic of Estonia Ministry of the Environment.

Years ago, only glass packaging was collected at reverse vending machines, while plastic and metal cans had no value. Since 2005 when the deposit system was established in Estonia, the situation has changed notably. Any beverage packaging made of plastic, metal, or glass can be reused instead of making new packaging.

It should be noted that the deposit-based packaging recycling system, customary for Estonians, is rather unique in the world as there are not many countries where nine out of ten bottles or metal cans sold are recycled. As a result, in recent years, representatives of dozens of different countries have come to bear witness to Eesti Pandipakend’s success story, wishing to implement a similar system in their home country, following the example of Estonia.

To support our vision to be one of the most innovative and efficient recycling organizations in the region, in 2019 we became the world’s first deposit system umbrella organization to introduce to the market reusable deposit-based cups and tableware to reduce littering.