Estonians love festivals. Nearly 600 public events happen each year that are frequented by 1.5 million people - that is more than the population of Estonia!

Large events with big crowds inevitably also produce litter. Disposable cups alone produce 68 tonnes of waste. Add some dishes and utensils and the amount is even larger. To deliver more than 70 tonnes of waste to the waste station, at least 10 garbage trucks need to work hard, burn fuel, use time and many other resources. And once the waste has reached the waste station, the sorting starts, to identify which dishes can be recycled and which will face a bleaker future.

Reusable dishes help to avoid all that and reduce our environmental footprint. One way is to take your own dishes to the next festival, but that may turn out inconvenient. Luckily, there are environmentally friendly alternatives and we have made one of these especially convenient for you. The deposit cup system works just like the good old deposit system, where a deposit fee is added to the dish given to you and once you return the dish after use, you will get the entire deposit back.

Thank you for avoiding littering and consuming food and drinks from reusable dishes! Thanks to you, our environment is cleaner and life is actually more sustainable.


The deposit cup system works based on the deposit principle, where a deposit fee is added to the dish issued to the consumer.

When returning the dish, the consumer will get the full deposit back. Eesti Pandipakend will wash the used deposit dishes and reuse them at the next event.


Buy your food or drink in a deposit dish
Refill the dish or exchange it for a new one
Return the dish and get the deposit back


Deposit dish movement
Deposit fee movement